Friday, 8 January 2010

75th Birthday Celebration

Elvis is seen here celebrating one of his birthdays, with Dolores Hart, one of his film co stars, (now a Mother Superior at a Convent in Bethlehem, Connecticut) lighting his cigar. Who knows, if Elvis were still alive, what he would be doing.
Very much the same most probably - singing his heart out (mostly gospel) and wowing audiences. One of Elvis' friends, singer Tom Jones,age 73, is still doing that.
As we remember Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll, on his birthday, we give grateful thanks to another person whose birthday we have just celebrated, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings. We say thank you Lord for the life of Elvis and the gifts of his wonderful voice and generous and loving nature. May the music he made and the memory of him , by the power of your Holy Spirit, cause many to acknowledge and give thanks and praise to their creator.