Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Greetings

The photo above shows Elvis Gospel Fan Club's Vice President, Peter Wilson in front of the Christmas lights in Graceland's backyard 2001.

One of the great messages of Christmas is

Peace on Earth

We are thrilled that a Christian Elvis Tribute Artist, Billy Nashad, is performing in Manger Square in Bethlehem, Israel over the Christmas holidays. This is what Billy says ‘‘Elvis wanted to perform in Bethlehem after an Arab Sheik told him that he could help bring peace to the area."

“Not many people know about this meeting but the concert was one of the things Elvis was determined to arrange. Sadly, he died before he could carry out his wish."

‘‘Now I feel that by doing these concerts I am fulfilling his dream."

We pray for great success with these shows, that they will indeed bring peace to that part of the earth. We look forward to a good report!

We pray for peace on earth this Christmas time and that all who read this will have a wonderful, joyful time, celebrating the birthday of Jesus, who is the light of the world and the lover of your soul.

God bless you

Peter and Madeleine Wilson

Friday, 15 August 2008

Remembering Elvis

How Sweet The Sound
As we remember the passing of Elvis and give thanks for his life and music, we can only wonder at the greatness and creativity of God and the importance of music in our lives.
This video, "The Black Notes Only of Amazing Grace" is awesome, and I guess had Elvis been able to experience it, we would have seen on his face an expression of wonderment and even seen tears in his eyes.
If you have not seen and heard this piece, we encourage you to click on the link below, sit back, turn up your volume and experience something wonderful and moving. Enjoy!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Easter Greetings

Jesus is Risen - Hallelujah!
Have you ever wondered why some Christian crosses have Jesus on them and some are empty?
This reminds me that the Easter story is basically in two parts. The first is when Jesus the Son of God is crucified, (executed like a common criminal), as a sacrifice, so that we might be forgiven and showing Jesus on the cross is a reminder of this. The second is when Jesus rises from the dead so that we might have everlasting life. The empty cross signifies this. That is why I especially like this statue of Jesus in the Meditation Garden at Graceland, shown above. (It was initially the headstone of Elvis' mother, Gladys grave in Forest Hills Cemetery in Memphis). The statue shows Jesus very much alive with open arms welcoming us, but in the background is the cross to remind us of what He did for us.

May you rejoice this Easter time as you remember the wonderful everlasting life which Jesus won for you.
God bless you.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Valentine Greeting

This cross came into the present owners possession simply through a private sale from another collector. The cross has been authenticated by both David Stanley and Lamar Fike who both clearly remembering Elvis wearing the item.

Elvis's very own 'partner' cross was displayed in public for the very first time, on Valentine's Day 2004 at the Fingerprints of Elvis at Albert Dock, Liverpool. It was loaned to the Exhibition (now closed) by an anonymous collector who insured the piece for £1million.

When Elvis and Priscilla finally broke up they each kept their cross: a love token, which Elvis had designed and made to symbolise his everlasting love for her. It also accentuated his strong spiritual side. The cross was perhaps the closest material item to Elvis' heart ­ one of just two crosses he had made for Priscilla and himself. Even after their break-up Elvis always treasured his cross and kept it close by his side.

The yellow gold cross, created in a baroque type style, is designed to hang from a chain. The cross has a delicate swirling pattern gathered around a simple crucifix held at its centre by a delicate, golden ball.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day, remembering that you are loved, always.